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The Trentino winery received an excellent award for one of its wines.

Mundus Vini awarded a prize to one of Concilio‘s wines: gold medal for Mori Vecio Riserva 2017.

This is the wine that most represents the history of the winery, a prestigious reserve born with the 1967 vintage. One of the first Bordeaux blends to be produced in Trentino, it is made from Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The name speaks of the winery’s place of origin and augurs long life: it could be translated as ‘die old’ (i.e. not at a young age).

Harvesting is done manually in boxes, followed by vinification in stainless steel tanks with long maceration on the skins and immediate malolactic fermentation. This is followed by long ageing in French oak barriques. Finally, there is conservation in steel before bottling and relative resting in the bottle.

The Mori Vecio Riserva has a ruby red colour with slight garnet hues and a balanced bouquet of red fruit, pepper, with a hint of vanilla from the oak barrel. The palate is generous, full, with soft and elegant tannins. Good structure and long persistence.

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