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The Sicilian winery received an excellent award for one of its wines.

Mundus Vini Biofach 2022 awarded a prize to one of Cantine Europa‘s wines: gold medal for Biollicine Nerello Mascalese Rosé Igp 2020.

Biollicine Nerello Mascalese Rosé, Terre siciliane IGP, is an exceptional sparkling wine for the whole meal. For those looking for a different kind of sparkling wine and for those who like to experiment with the fruit of an indigenous grape variety, so fashionable in recent years, such as Nerello Mascalese. The Sicilian Pinot Noir, in fact, proves to be very versatile and able to be processed, with satisfaction, in different versions. Here it is proposed in a pleasantly effervescent guise, with a delicate hint of rose.

Production is simple but accurate. Harvesting is slightly early in order not to lose the natural freshness of the grapes, soft pressing and taking of the foam in autoclave. Refinement before bottling takes place for about 60 days, again in autoclave.

The nose is fine and fruity, with pleasant floral notes to make its bouquet more elegant. In the mouth it is fresh and well balanced.

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