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For the first time a Calabrian winery has entered our portfolio.

It’s official: the Calabrian winery Librandi is an integral part of our portfolio.

Encircled between two seas, Calabria offers a changing and unparalleled landscape, from the rugged peaks and lush forests of the hinterland to the clear beaches of its shores. The company is based in Cirò Marina, a town overlooking the Ionian Sea, with its hilly and flat vineyards set in the Mediterranean maquis.

6 estates, 232 hectares of vineyards, 80 hectares of olive groves. From Rosaneti, the great experimental garden, the cradle of biodiversity, to Arcidiaconato, a meeting place for international vines, passing through the historic vineyards of Ponta, the red clays of San Biase, the vineyards on the sea of Pittaffo and Brisi, right in the center of town. A single objective: quality.

Librandi has always been a pioneer in wine research, playing a leading role in the rediscovery of autochthonous grape varieties now forgotten or lost. In the Rosaneti estate there is the “varietal garden” of the Librandi family, the collection of autochthonous vines that currently contains about 200 varieties recovered throughout the region and arranged in a vineyard with a characteristic spiral shape.

Each vineyard provides for rigorous and differentiated work in terms of varietal and territorial typology in order to guarantee high quality grapes during the harvest. Care and dedication also guaranteed by a series of activities that are still carried out manually. Craftsmanship and tradition supported by innovative technological tools, which represent the mix that has always characterized the work of the Librandi family.

We are sure that this collaboration will bring great satisfaction and excellent results.

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