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The harvest started around 10 days earlier than in the previous years, due to the hot and dry weather experienced this summer. Lea Winery started harvesting our Pinot Grigio on the 22nd of August and continued in the following weeks with the other white grapes such as Ribolla Gialla, Glera and Traminer.

This year it has been hard to organize the harvest due to frequent, unpredictable and abundant rains that occurred from the second half of August. The winery harvests in the coolest hours and during the night because the grapes are more concentrated, resistant and compact and therefore easier to harvest, handle and transport. The cold grapes are less prone to damage and less pressed during their transport to the winery, avoiding the risk of breakage, early and unwanted fermentation, dangerous oxidative phenomena and volatilization of aromas that would otherwise compromise the quality of the wine.

The last grapes to be hand-picked by the experienced team were the grapes of Ribolla Gialla and Pinot Grigio coming from specific parts of the vineyards where the soil, position and exposition to sun are ideal to let them overripe. Lea Winery uses these carefully selected grapes to make orange wines.

Given the heat and dryness of this summer Lea Winery has great expectations for this vintage’s orange wines, the production yield has been low but the quality is excellent.

The harvest officially finished the 15th of September.

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