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A new winery has entered our portfolio.

It’s official: the Sicilian winery Hauner is an integral part of our portfolio.

The Azienda Agricola Hauner is located on the island of Salina in the Mediterranean Aeloian Arcipelago, northeast of Sicily. It is named after its founder Carlo Hauner, a designer and painter from Brescia who landed on the Island in the 1963. Hauner saved Malvasia delle Lipari from oblivion and brought it to international wine fame, describing ita s a wine for meditation. The Malvasia grapes are painstakingly dried or “passito” on cane mats in the sun to concentrate the sugars.

The vineyards are on 18 hectares of land on Salina and the nearby island of Vulcano. The modern winery is equipped with stainless steel temperature-controlled vats with a capacity of 2500 hectolitres. In addition to Malvasia passito e Malvasia naturale, the production of the winery includes an excellent selection of red and white wines for a total approximately of 130.000 bottles.

We are sure that this collaboration will bring great satisfaction and excellent results.

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