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New entry for Tenuta San Leonardo.

San Leonardo is proud to present a new wine: Gemma, a rosé created from Lagrein grapes that reflects the style of the estate’s wines, an expression of great freshness and harmony. 

We wanted to create a rosé that express our Trentino while maintaining the typical elegance of San Leonardo wines.” explains the Marquis Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaga. “The choice of the vine fell on Lagrein because it is an indigenous variety, with a beautiful structure and complex notes. For us it is a new challenge, but in this area there is a strong culture around this grapes”. 

A story of great compassion corresponds to this wine of delicate elegance. Gemma is in fact the name of the family heroine, the Marquise Gemma de ‘Gresti Guerrieri Gonzaga, who during the First World War contributed to the repatriation of thousands of soldiers captured by Russian and interned in Kirsanov, in European Russia, through tireless research and intense correspondence.

The name of the new rosé is a strong name for local and national history, which pays homage to the figure of the Marchesa not only in the label, with the Liberty-inspired writing, a reference to the era in which she lived, but also in the style, at the same time refined and graceful in the glass.

The Lagrein vineyards from which Gemma is born are grown in the classic Trentino pergola and are located between Roveré della Luna and the hills of Sorni and Pressano, with south-east / south-west exposure and altitudes between 200 and 400 meters. They are supervised by the estate team with the same meticulous attention and respect dedicated to all the vineyards of San Leonardo.

The perfectly healthy Lagrein grapes were brought to the cellar in the early morning of September 6 for a soft pressing with a permanence on the skins for just three hours and subsequent 10-day white fermentation at a controlled temperature. This is followed by six months of aging in steel on the yeasts.

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