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An overview of the winery’s environmental sustainability concept and practices.

Calatroni has always lived, cohabited and shared its existence with the environment that hosts it. Aware of how important and necessary it is to protect and respect the ecosystem that welcomes us, its values are followed by concrete actions and steps in an increasingly green direction. The Oltrepò Pavese winery is, from the very beginning, linked to the concept of sustainability from every point of view: environmental, social and food.

Environmental sustainability is embraced in the vineyard through:

– organic management with the use of non-chemical products and organic fertilisers;

– the technique of green manure to support biodiversity and soil well-being;

– the practice of grassing to compact and protect the soil;

– a reduction in the waste of water by using rainwater for treatments;

– an optimisation of product use through the use of weather columns;

– the use of newly developed equipment;

– the creation of ‘bio-bombs’, clay and humus balls with seeds of flowers, fruit trees and green manure species inside; they can be sown or thrown into all outdoor or potted soil.

Environmental sustainability can also be found in the cellar; this is implemented through

– energy autonomy, achieved thanks to the photovoltaic system;

– the reduction of glass consumption, thanks to the choice of lightweight bottles;

– the reduction of cork consumption by converting to recyclable aluminium screw caps for still wines;

– the reduction of paper consumption, thanks to the choice of certified recycled material for labels and packaging;

– agricultural by-products for reuse.

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