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A new winery has entered our portfolio.

It’s official: the Ariola winery is an integral part of our portfolio.

Ariola was founded by Marcello Ceci in 2003 when he took over Podere Ariola from the Forte Rigoni family. The winery is located in the hills of the Val di Parma and takes its name from the Rio Ariola, which flows placidly alongside the vineyards, marking its natural boundary. Today, Ariola is an ambassador of Emilian passion in Italy and the world: it seeks the most authentic expression of the flavour of the Parma hills in full respect of the natural cycles of cultivation and vinification.

The vineyards cover an area of 70 hectares between 220 and 300 metres above sea level, with a south-west exposure. The soils are loamy-clayey and have an optimal slope for good drainage of the vines. From these come the traditional white and red wines of Parma and Emilia: Lambrusco, Malvasia and Bollicine, but also still and classic reds to which distillates, craft beers and elixirs are added.

Today Ariola wines represent the meeting of past and future, tradition and innovation, a balance that has been able to spread the passion for the region beyond the borders of the Parma Valley.

We are sure that this collaboration will bring great satisfaction and excellent results.

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