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New vintage of the well-known Appius wine from the Trentino winery.

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In recent days, the new vintage of the iconic wine from the St. Michael Eppan winery was presented: the 2017 vintage of Appius was released.

The Appius 2017 is the result of a harvest that represented one of the most difficult challenges in recent years. The painstaking work of selection in the grape harvesting phase and in the blending phase managed to achieve a real sensorial alchemy. The contribution of each variety does not manifest itself in a distinct way, but gives life to a perfect union.

This wine has an intense and complex bouquet, played on yellow flowers (broom and lime), white ones (hawthorn, orange blossom, orange blossom), citrus notes of mandarin and grapefruit and some rarer ones of white currant and gooseberry. On the palate it is fine, elegant and almost velvety; the wine also has a vibrant acidity and a brilliant, mineral and savory vein. The aftertaste is solid and persistent.

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