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An overview of the terroir that makes Alturis wines unique and special.

The name of the winery loudly evokes territorial identity: it is that of the Friulian hills, pronounced in an affectionate whisper in their mother tongue. A terroir capable of great expression, a vivid witness to how the work of man ennobles lands seen as difficult in their borderline nature, open to the world but mistrustful of those who are not indigenous. Not here, where the warm geometry of reliefs, chiselled by the vineyards, becomes a maternal embrace that knows how to prepare for the world.

Rows that tell a centuries-old story, where technology puts itself at the service of Nature. Altùris is located in the heart of an area, that of Cividale del Friuli, with deep roots and noble charm, recognised as a UNESCO heritage site. A setting that softens the vigorous Friulian spirit of sensitivity, inspired by a majestic and elegant scenario: that of the hilly vineyards that surround it. A synergy of enthusiasm and discipline.

Three different origins characterise the soil in the hills of eastern Friuli: deposits, clays and sands combine in a unique solution.

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