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The renowned Tuscany winery has been awarded by Wine Enthusiast.

The prestigious Wine Enthusiast magazine gave an excellent score to a wine from the Michele Satta winery: 94 points to Cavaliere 2019.

Cavaliere by Michele Satta is a sincere territorial expression, firmly linked to the Tuscan land and nature. Michele Satta wanted to pay homage to Tuscany, the one made up of varieties born and bred in this land that has always been devoted to the cultivation of vines. This wine comes from the selection of a few mass clones, which have been recognised as capable of giving the best varietal expressions. This work in the field based on millimetric care and great respect for the environment further raises the quality level of the raw material.

Cavaliere is 100% Sangiovese, from a very strict selection of the best grapes from the Vignanova vineyard. Following an initial harvest in which the grapes are left on the vine to complete the ripening process down to the last berry, the actual grape picking takes place between the end of September and the beginning of October. Once transported to the cellar, the grapes are completely destemmed, crushed and transformed into must. This spontaneously triggers alcoholic fermentation through the action of indigenous yeasts, and is then placed in barriques to mature for approximately 24 months.

This wine has a brilliant ruby red colour and a complex and elegant bouquet in which hints of wild berries, roses, dried violets, aromatic herbs and wild flowers are perceived, finished off by a fine and captivating spiciness. In the mouth, it is intense, with great body and balance. An intertwining of freshness and savouriness determines the drinkability and makes it difficult to stop at a small taste.

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