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Cross Border Growth Capital and Vino.com in their Wine Report highlight the overall value generated by the global beverage market and show the shares of the individual segments.

“In 2021, the global alcoholic beverages market, divided into five categories – wine, spirits, beer, cider and ready-to-drink – was worth €1,317 billion, for an annual growth rate of5.5% for the period 2020-2025”.

The Wine Report, produced by Cross Border Growth Capital and Vino.com, shows a truly encouraging value, with the largest share going to the beer segment, accounting for 42% of the total. This is followed by spirits with 35%, wine with 20%, ready-to-drink with 2% and finally ciders with 1%.

The report also shows the different growth scenarios by geographical area. “South America stands out as the area with the greatest potential, while Asia Pacific is worth a third of the sector, proving to be the most mature market. Finally, Europe, which ranks third in terms of growth potential, has 29% of the value of the global market, with a total of 349.8 billion euros”.

Although wine’s share is 20%, this segment generated a global value of €245.6 billion in 2021. According to the Wine Report, a total value of as much as €305.2 billion is expected by 2025 with the highest growth in Latin America (estimated annual growth rate of 6.1%), followed by the Middle East and Africa (with +6.5%) and Europe (with +6%).

The picture shown by the Wine Report is quite varied, especially in relation to how alcoholic beverages are purchased. In Italy, for example, online sales in 2021 were estimated at 4% of the total. This figure, although quite lower than in other countries, is really encouraging; in fact, a value of around 14 billion euros was generated.

“It is precisely the Italian wine market that shows the best health coming out of 2020, with pre-Covid values recoverable as early as 2022. Observing the growth trends of e-commerce, it is natural to think that, in the near future, this channel could become increasingly decisive, not only for wine, but also for the alcoholic beverage market in general”.

The full Wine News article is available here.

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